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The official​ dōTERRA site. Check out the company, the products, and also the "Our Caring" tab shares how dōTERRA is, from my heart, helping to save the world.

This one covers all single and blended essential oils in dōTERRA's product line including properties, applicationsand safety info. Look up individual health concerns, how to use and apply essential oils, history and research regarding their use for millennia, and more. My favorite!

Unaffiliated with dōTERRA this site covers 101 essential oil properties, uses, and benefits and more, aromatherapy articles, carrier oil and hydrosol profiles, and a huge book list.
The online world of dōTERRA's Living Magazine. Peruse the virtual magazine, find recipes, DIY projects, healthy living articles, or read magazine articles in blog form. 

Here is a list of articles worth mentioning:
Distilling Essential Oils: A Work of Art and Science 
Testing for Quality
Ask Dr.Hill: Carrier oils, Plastics, and Essential Oils Interacting with Our Bodies
Can Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?
The Value of Daily Use
Uses and Bioavailability of Essential Oils

Art by Susanne Korte

Essential Oils and Magic 

If you are interested in magical oil blends, shop the magickal formulary at Enchantments, a wiccan shop in Manhattan that gets it right. 

Put yourself through Spirit Science school

My favorite spiritual guide, everything from chakra charging to the history of humans on Earth. Based on Drunvalo Melchizedek's teachings.

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Resources and Information

Here is a list of essential oil resources,aromatherapy articles, quick reference charts, and dōTERRA business support sites.