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   The AromaTouch Technique was created by dōTERRA's cofounder Dr. David K. Hill. The application takes around an hour with the oils applied to the back and feet. The process was created to address the four most common negative systemic impacts to our health: stress, toxic insult (radiation, chemicals, toxic additives), inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance (rest and digest vs. fight or flight).

   The application delivers 21 essential oils in total to the body system allowing for countless healing processes to trigger. If there are problems or issues that do not allow for the full AromaTouch Technique an AromaTouch Hand Technique Procedure is a great condensed option that can be done to receive whole body benefits. These application methods have produced incredible life changing results when applied regularly, and with every application there are benefits felt. Sometimes the benefits are more dramatic than others but always the AromaTouch Techqnique induces homeostasis, one's natural body-chi balance.

   The AromaTouch was created for use by novice and professional alike, to apply and to receive expected and beneficial results. The results are greatly enhanced by using the Certified Pure Theraputic Grade® essential oils made by dōTERRA.

Art by Susanne Korte

dōTERRA meaning "Gift of the Earth"

The AromaTouch Technique

An application of essential oils on the back and feet using a light touch for measured benefits.

Here is an amazing full explanation of the AromaTouchTechnique, known on this site as The Massage Blend Technique. Because of FDA regulations, this site must give generic names for all essential oil blends. Find dōTERRA blends vs generic names here

The official AromaTouch website, watch a short video or look up AromaTouch training events.

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